Coolest Pen Gadget Client Gift Ever?

Coolest Pen Gadget Client Gift Ever?

Every now and then you get something for free that makes you very happy. You can’t really explain it sometimes it’s just because its tactile sometimes it has a cool function, sometimes it looks cool and or is high tech. Just occasionally its all of those things. This week I got given the coolest pen I’ve ever owned it’s a pen, a torch and a touch stylus for ipads etc. Mine was in gunmetal but it also comes in blue, white and black. Take a look at this awesome little desk gadget.


Now I often get gadgets, most marketing people do since it goes with the territory from time to time but in truth they rarely stay on the desk long and more often than not they hold no appeal whatsoever; ruined as they are by over familiarity or victims of a meagre budget they lack the quality to become lasting objects of day to day use. Not in this case. In this case I’ve already unnecessarily crawled under my desk to prove (what I already knew) that this is perfect to light up the process of fiddling with dusty cables behind a pc, it’s led and will be great for waving at concerts too, thus saving my phone battery ūüôā

The pen writes well and I’ve been reinvigorated in my writing of to do lists all week.

The touch stylus is not needed by me as my fingers are pretty nifty on a touch pad or phone but I can imagine it could be handy if you had to use a less than responsive device.

All in all thank you very much cool pen manufacturer I’m very grateful and to prove it I already have a serious enquiry in the offing from a client who thinks it will make a great gift for their IT Infrastructure sales teams.

Bottom line is the right piece of merchandise can score a lot of points with the recipient and all it takes is finding it. As a great sales mentor of mine once said to me “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten!” Ok so mine was free but the principle is that buying this as a gift would be a very good idea if you think they would like a gadgetythingamyjig. Oh and it costs around ¬£3 which is a pretty good price point too!


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