The future’s bright, the future’s….destroyed??

The future’s bright, the future’s….destroyed??

We’ve just finished our first promotion with Orange and are happy to say it was a great success!

To promote the release of the new Tom Cruise movie; Oblivion, on Orange VOD in France, Spiritas were asked to put together a series of promotional concepts that would appeal to the films target audience.  Working to the clients brief and in line with the promotions budget we put together a set of concepts which was then shortlisted. Once the prize was chosen Spiritas worked closely with the international new media team to ensure the terms and conditions and prize details were correct all the way through to the prize fulfilment and making sure the winner had everything they needed.

After the positive feedback we received we can’t wait for the next one!


After working within the hospitality sector in various management roles, Laurence completed his degree in Business Marketing and Management at the University of Kent. Laurence has gone on to develop a successful career in Marketing. Google+

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