How do I grow my business?

If you run a business you will have asked yourself this question….but maybe you have to ask the right people to get the answer. Businesses are over run with conflicting messages about what they need to do and they all seem to come from specialists (website designers, seo gurus, graphic designers, advertising companies, etc) who have the answer and the product or service you just have to buy to be successful. They are of course champions of their own discipline and can be terribly persuasive about why you need to spend your valuable marketing budgets with them.

Of course many of these specialists are indeed very good at what they do and individually they may even offer good value, however, if you’re not an expert at orchestrating all these marketing services into a cohesive pattern that delivers a predefined cumulative result you may end up overspending with one and under spending with another. Or worse simply missing a vital link that prevents you every creating that cohesive result that will make your business grow.

Resource for the marketing plan

Traditionally the only way to be sure that the sales and marketing plan stays cohesive is to employ an experienced marketing manager or a marketing agency. These too could present problems a single person is likely to have strong biases about the work they like doing or simply be too overloaded with the ongoing business tasks to see the big picture.These are also the high end solutions that mean a big ramp up in costs and you have to start incurring these costs before you know if they will deliver the solution.

So what is the best solution? How do you grow your business and make more money? The answer is to go and see some marketing agencies and ask them. Showing companies how to make money in various ways is what agencies do for a living. All marketing agencies should be able to give you a clear list of activities that could be undertaken in order to grow your business. Examples of work, financial scenarios and other supporting materials should be ready to hand to illustrate clearly how to create a virtuous circle of activity that can increase your flow of customers.

Free marketing advice. Why wouldn’t you make time?

There shouldn’t be any charge for this, if a business can’t give up an hour of its time to show you what it can do for you then its not very serious about winning your business. At we give small to medium businesses a presentation on the essential components of their marketing plan if they are looking to find a long term partner with a vested interest in seeing them make money and growing then we can move into a commercial relationship if they want to take a few ideas and go their own way that’s fine too.

The bottom line is its free to find out what you need to do to make more money and grow your business. What still surpises us after 14 years operating a marketing agency is how reticent businesses are to make time to ask the right people the right questions. Our door is always open why not call us on 01293 406000 and make some time to get some free business marketing advice?


After working within the hospitality sector in various management roles, Laurence completed his degree in Business Marketing and Management at the University of Kent. Laurence has gone on to develop a successful career in Marketing. Google+

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