How a quality blog drives sales…

How a quality blog drives sales…

A great blog is a proven way to drive real sales and here are some of the ways this happens:

  • Attracting an increased number of visitors via web searches – this is what we would call the SEO effect. Tip: Make sure your blog article is published with a specific meta description.
  • Offering information that may be important to the customer. Customers are often looking for information that relates to your products and services but is not specifically something you sell. A blog article gives you the opportunity to talk about related matters without any confusion about what it is you sell.
  • Building trust is important and if your blog is answering a question or providing interesting and useful info then you are generating trust with a potential customer.
  • Building awareness with a wider audience is vital if you want to grow and increase sales, regular blog articles attract interest from a wider audience.
  • Regular blogging gives you good content for sharing with customers and they will have you more top of mind when it comes to needing your services.
  • You are in a war on Google with your competitors whether you like it or not, effective blogging is the secret mega weapon in your arsenal for the Google ranking war. Higher rank = higher sales.
  • Third parties may share your blogs bringing you extra customers.
  • You can share your blogs and drive traffic from Twitter and Google+ maybe even facebook it all depends where your customers spend their time.
  • Some people like pictures some people like text, blogging lets you appeal to both and use more exciting and interesting topics that might dare we say be a little more interesting than our own widgets.
  • Blogging allows you to share your expertise and your passion both things that attract sales because people would usually rather buy from someone who is expert and passionate about what they sell.

So hopefully you are convinced and do see the need for a regular quality blog as we like to say it is not a case of “Why should we do it?” but a case “Why would we not be doing it?” It’s essentially mandatory in the modern business context as it benefits several Marketing elements including Customer Loyalty, Social Media, Website Topicality and SEO. Of course we would like to use this blog article to drive some sales of our own by making you aware of our low cost business blogging service please give us a quick call and we’ll send you all the details.

For a fixed monthly fee we can write two intelligent blog articles, upload them with images and share them via social media.

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James is a business owner and marketeer who is passionate about business and entrepreneurialism. If you ask him he'll say that growing up in a family of twelve children was a defining factor in his endless appetite for new ideas and the daily collaboration with other business entrepreneurs through his marketing business. When it comes to business James calls on his time spent at companies as well known as Unilever, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer for the procedural underpinning that helps him ensure efficient delivery and solve real commercial problems but the freedom of running his own businesss has allowed him to also cultivate his own internet ventures as well as maintain a client base that includes Toshiba and Universal Pictures amongst other well known companies, brands and a plethora of SMEs. If you need a collaborator unafraid to challenge or someone who can generate ideas that might actually work James is a good person to call. Google+

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