Why invest in a website?

Why do successful and savvy business owners still ask this question?

The most fundamental reason is they are (quite understandably) consumed with their own business and can’t get outside it long enough to understand the benefits. When they do take a peek at the “marketing services” landscape business owners are overwhelmed by the vast number of service propositions at different cost levels. Without fundamental knowledge of the disciplines is it wholly unsurprising that they shy away from a decision.

Taking websites as the particular example the market is dominated by service providers with little interest in the commercial objectives of the business and even less understanding of how to achieve them.

Educating businesses on the need to invest sufficiently in this vital platform is diffcult when they have no way of telling the good from the bad without a serious time investment in understanding marketing and website delivery. In such circumstances is it any surprise that businesses find it hard to address this area? Many simply decide to press on with what’s working and put on hold the opportunity to potentially increase sales significantly.

As a marketing led website provider we try to show clients how we work and how they can leverage the web platform to increase business but even if a business creates a robust website they need to advertise and market it to drive traffic into it.

A fair proportion don’t so they fail to reap the full benefits anyway. In the end it comes back to understanding the bigger picture and having a defined marketing plan; something that very few businesses invest in as it requires a truly long term approach and perhaps more critically a collaborative attitude that takes into account both the service providers capabilities and the business’s responsibility to carry out it’s own parts of the plan.

We recently built a new marketing led website for a business and their sales shot up by 30%! Why? Not just because they had a new website. They were also driving £5-600 of Google ads into their site every month. As soon as the site began meeting the ad responders’ expectations conversions were increased and the business growth started.

So is there an easy to navigate the minefield of poor service providers? Yes, just ask them in a meeting there and then to explain the way in which the website will meet your commercial objectives and what your company will need to do to ensure it happens. A good provider should have a lot to say on the subject and it won’t include weak arguments about “everyones online these days” and “your site (their design) will make your business stand out from the competitors”.


After working within the hospitality sector in various management roles, Laurence completed his degree in Business Marketing and Management at the University of Kent. Laurence has gone on to develop a successful career in Marketing. Google+

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