We help launch PictureBox on TalkTalk with a Brand Awareness Event!

We help launch PictureBox on TalkTalk with a Brand Awareness Event!

We’ve had such a busy end of 2013 / beginning of 2014 that we’re only just getting to grab some time and update you on some of the bits we have been working on!  We have been working to very tight deadlines over the last month to create an event, for Talk Talk call centre staff, that would showcase the PictureBox brand, increase awareness and keep the service top of mind, and finally highlight the key sales messages to call centre sales staff attending on the day.

With a service that is focussed around providing a selection of great films, handpicked by film lovers, we had a fantastic scope and were able to produce three themed concepts to show to the client, which achieved the above objectives.  Working closely with the client we were able to “cherry pick” the best bits from each concept to form the final event plan, including;

  • Teaser Campaigns
  • Green Screen Photoshoots
  • Photo keyrings (branded of course!)
  • Fancy Dress
  • Promotions and Prizes
  • Merchandise
  • Decorations
  • and much more!

On the day everything went extremely smoothly with nearly 300 pictures taken on the day and 90% of the sales team taking part. We even received praise from the Head of TalkTalks Pay TV division!

To ensure PictureBox stayed top of mind we also produced banners reinforcing the sales messages which have been placed in prominent areas around the sales centre and developed a performance based promotional campaign in which the top sales person per week can win a incredible prize!

If you are looking for event support or would like to know what you can do to increase awareness and engagement with your customers, call us on 01293 406000


After working within the hospitality sector in various management roles, Laurence completed his degree in Business Marketing and Management at the University of Kent. Laurence has gone on to develop a successful career in Marketing. Google+

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