Nothing new in social media

It’s surprising how many businesses think that social media is “Not for them” or “Not relevant to their business”. Social media is nothing new it’s just a way of communicating. Like any other form of communication you have choices to make: when, to whom, what will you communicate.

The social media explosion is simply the transfer of online communication from emails to constantly visible web pages. It’s similar to the transfer of call technology from landlines to mobiles. The event hasn’t changed but there are new opportunities being created and customers that adopt will be keen to test their new platform by using suppliers who have embraced the technology, be it twitter, facebook, linkedin or another of the popular platforms for social media.

You may decide to ignore social media but you might find your customers are already experimenting with it and by the time they are ready to use it for commercial purposes you may be too far behind the game to be in with a shout.


After working within the hospitality sector in various management roles, Laurence completed his degree in Business Marketing and Management at the University of Kent. Laurence has gone on to develop a successful career in Marketing. Google+

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