Why use Joomla?

Why use Joomla?

Joomla – the worlds most popular content management system for website designers

Joomla is a piece of open source software that installs a state of the art website content management system. Joomla is now the world’s most popular website software and with good reason.

As it’s open source it means nobody has to pay for the software. As it’s a content management system it means that once it’s setup businesses can update their own websites easily without having to constantly pay designers or programmers to do each task for them.

Successful Joomla website design

This is great news for businesses the world over. What it is important to understand is that any successful business website needs a high level of expertise and knowledge to be setup correctly and also appeal to the intended audience effectively. This expertise is what businesses do have to pay for. Consider the core elements of building a successful Joomla website and it becomes clear that most businesses will not be able to develop their own website.

Design is central to any website build, the beauty of Joomla is that you don’t need to spend valuable resources on creating your own masterpiece. Modern Joomla templates are so flexible and beautiful that they can be modified to such an extent that they will feel like a totally bespoke website for your business.

At Spiritas website design we have proved this time and again. Recently a design consultancy came to us with their already produced bespoke html website which the client, a global business with revenues in excess of 1/2 a billion GBP, had just decided simply had to be produced in Joomla. We were able to recreate the entire site without compromising the design values and supply it as a finished article in Joomla.

Websites that work for your customers

Functionality is critical to websites and Joomla allows us as developers to bring almost any functional requirement to the table without any bespoke coding. This is because Joomla is structured to allow the addition of extensions and components that have been developed by the wider Joomla community. When you develop with Joomla you never need to “reinvent the wheel”.

Marketing led website designers

Marketing is central to business success and nowhere less so than online. Joomla allows us to build marketing led websites from the outset because we are not constrained by the cost of either design or programming. We can sit down and plan exactly what your audience expects to see and exactly what your business needs to communicate. Then we can build it in Joomla. This is great news for your business because it means you are investing in marketing expertise applied to your business instead of expensive creative and technical services that are quite frankly unable to address your business marketing requirements.

Joomla Seo

One of Joomla’s strongest points is its capability to build a search engine friendly website. Our client sites enjoy great success on search engines because they are delivered with what we refer to as “Stage 1” Seo already in place. Once again Joomla allows is outstanding in the way that content and design work together to allow effective search engine optimisation.

Joomla is all about content management, that means you can publish, amend and delete content (but not build the site yourself)

Content is something that if often largely “missing in action” from a lot of websites. Designers don’t really do it, programmers don’t really do it and most of the time companies find it difficult to articulate their propositions in the written word. Not surprisingly, let’s face it we all get too close to our areas of expertise and keeping things interesting and tempting for customers is no easy task. Our Joomla website proposition ensures that this doesn’t happen. We don’t do low quality sites that are devoid of content. Sure we’re happy to stand back and let clients produce their own if they have that covered but we’re also experts at creating relevant and engaging content to ensure that your website is the complete article.

Then there’s content management or CMS as its usually abbreviated. Contrary to some expectations building in Joomla doesn’t mean you can shuffle the page layouts around at will as if they were a pack of dominoes. Joomla content management means that you can prepare and upload content anytime you like as long as you have planned the way in which you want it displayed beforehand. For example if you want to publish news every week and have the three most recent articles displayed on the front page in a stack then we will build your site so that that happens. CMS doesn’t mean that after a month you can decide you want the three most recent articles side by side, you won’t be able to do that we would have to reconfigure the site layout to make it happen. That would still be an inexpensive thing to do working with Joomla but it would need some technical knowledge to do.

Joomla is an outstanding option for business website design

So there you have it. Joomla is an outstanding piece of free software that allows your business to invest in effective communication with your customers. Once you have a Joomla site in place it will need to be regularly backed up and updated when Joomla is updated.

Joomla will change the way you work with your website. We will change the way you communicate with your customers.

What are you waiting for? Call us today for a free no obligation meeting about growing your business online by investing in a high quality Joomla website.


After working within the hospitality sector in various management roles, Laurence completed his degree in Business Marketing and Management at the University of Kent. Laurence has gone on to develop a successful career in Marketing. Google+

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