Why your sales are flagging..

Most businesses will say their biggest challenge is finding new business. Not all but most. When you get talking about how they are going to meet this challenge they will often start mentioning things that aren’t done.

“Well we’re working on our new brochure or website.” “We need to do some advertising we had a great idea but we haven’t actually carried it out.”

You get the picture.

What we really get is a whole load of excuses but the worst of it is that they are in a way valid excuses. The businesses themselves are passionate and expert about their products and they know that the second rate marketing materials they have are simply not up to the job. So they are not confident in their sales efforts.

The solution is simple for businesses that want to get over this hurdle and stop it from limiting their performance and profits. Invest in some third party expertise to get the job done. You need your accounts to be right don’t you? So you get an accountant. If you recognise that you need to get your marketing right then you need a marketing expert. So make sure you get one its not hard they all have the title marketing agency or marketing consultancy and they all have credentials that demonstrate their marketing ability nad should be able to give you an outline marketing plan free of charge..


James is a business owner and marketeer who is passionate about business and entrepreneurialism. If you ask him he'll say that growing up in a family of twelve children was a defining factor in his endless appetite for new ideas and the daily collaboration with other business entrepreneurs through his marketing business. When it comes to business James calls on his time spent at companies as well known as Unilever, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer for the procedural underpinning that helps him ensure efficient delivery and solve real commercial problems but the freedom of running his own businesss Spiritas.co.uk has allowed him to also cultivate his own internet ventures as well as maintain a client base that includes Toshiba and Universal Pictures amongst other well known companies, brands and a plethora of SMEs. If you need a collaborator unafraid to challenge or someone who can generate ideas that might actually work James is a good person to call. Google+

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