Viva Las Vegas!

We’ve just organised a trip for an international competition winner to visit Las Vegas!

The lucky winner entered the promotional competition set by our movie studio clients, to see all that Las Vegas has to offer, in a week-long, unforgettable holiday!

To see what Spiritas can do for your business competitions and promotions, why not give us a call: 01293 406000.


James is a business owner and marketeer who is passionate about business and entrepreneurialism. If you ask him he'll say that growing up in a family of twelve children was a defining factor in his endless appetite for new ideas and the daily collaboration with other business entrepreneurs through his marketing business. When it comes to business James calls on his time spent at companies as well known as Unilever, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer for the procedural underpinning that helps him ensure efficient delivery and solve real commercial problems but the freedom of running his own businesss has allowed him to also cultivate his own internet ventures as well as maintain a client base that includes Toshiba and Universal Pictures amongst other well known companies, brands and a plethora of SMEs. If you need a collaborator unafraid to challenge or someone who can generate ideas that might actually work James is a good person to call. Google+

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